Drop in before 5 pm to either of our stores any day we’re open, No appointment needed!

Located at 1885 Solano Avenue in Berkeley and 3879 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, both URBANITYs are nearby other favorite localities on the Avenues. Meet a girlfriend for lunch beforehand or get your errands done alongside dropping in to consign your cast offs! Stay a minute to look and you're sure to discover a new gem to enhance your sustainable style!

Once you check in, our knowledgeable team will review your items for consignment and answer any questions for you. Next your items that are chosen for consignment are added to your account and you're sent an itemized email of your consignments. Your emailed item list will include a future pick up date, which is when you want to check in with URBANITY to arrange pickup of your unsold consignments. Your items are put on the sales floor immediately after you receive your email item list, so login in to check your account and see your consignments earn you a fashion budget as they find new homes!

No. All merchandise is on consignment and consignors are paid after their items have sold.

We only accept luxury, designer and contemporary brands. Merchandise must be no older than 3 years, must be in season, clean and in excellent condition.To see a list of the designers our shoppers prefer please see our Labels page - this is a partial list, if a label or designer isn't on the list, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't accept that brand.

We do accept a small amount of vintage, but because URBANITY is different from a thrift shop, we're very selective about the vintage consignments we take in. The item in question must be either 1) from a designer that is still relevant today (ex. Emilio Pucci, Chanel), OR 2) in sync with current trends. In either case, the item must be in EXCELLENT condition. Please use your best judgment when submitting vintage pieces for consignment.

We do not accept lingerie, undergarments, swimwear or fur and we are extra selective with jewelry, shoes, and vintage items.

Yes. Our stores are only able to sell merchandise (and get the best value for your consignments) appropriate for the current season. That being said, luxury labels are always in demand - no matter what the season, our collectors will never turn away a WOW piece! So when you’re ready to cleanse your closet, please inquire with us so we may update you on what items are in demand!

During the listing process, URBANITY will set prices at roughly 1/3 of original MSRP. The resale price range can vary up to 1/2 original MSRP depending on condition, demand, size and seasonality of each individual item.

Consignors can use their earnings as store trade credit to shop in store at either URBANITY location or on our online shop immediately after their items sell.

Alternatively, consignors can request a check payout to collect the earnings in their account once their consignment term has ended. Check payouts are issued on Tuesdays for accounts that have put in check requests by the prior Sunday. Simply call, email or drop in to request a payout. Check payouts are ready and waiting the Tuesday following a check request, and can be picked up during store hours at your convenience thereafter. If your account balance is $25 or less and your consignment term has ended, you may collect your account balance in cash from either location anytime URBANITY is open.

We select a fraction of in-store merchandise to also be sold online. You cannot request for your item to be selected, but you can tell us if for any reason you would NOT like your items online.

No. All pieces put up online are still kept in-store and on the sales floor until they are purchased online or in the store. That being said, if your item is put up for sale online, it increases its exposure and the likelihood of its sale.

Yes. After 3 weeks from date of initial consignment, unsold items are automatically discounted for the remainder of their term. Additionally, if a defect is found in items after their consignment, the initial price will be lowered at URBANITY's discretion and the consignor may not always be notified. That being said, URBANITY also reserves the right to raise the initial price of consignments if they are determined to be of better value than initially declared. Again, you may not always be notified of this price change, but you will receive your percentage share of the price increase/decrease.

After 45 days unsold items are removed from the sales floor and/or from the webstore and are stored. Consignors are required to make a pick up request by the end of term in order to pick up their unsold items. Any items not picked up one week after their end of term date will be donated. URBANITY will happily donate any unwanted items at the consignor's request to local charities chosen by URBANITY.