Sell-By-Mail With URBANITY

Urbanity now offers a Sell-By-Mail service! We know our consignors live full and, at times, very busy lives. Our Sell-By-Mail service is simple and free, making it that much easier to keep recycling fashion a priority.

Once we receive your items we will…

1. Sort through your goodies to choose the items we can resale

2. Inventory your items into your account and send you an email item list

3. Send you an email with directions on how to access your account info online.

4. Donate or Return the items we do not consign for you, at your specification. If you’d like the unaccepted items or future unsold items returned to you, we’ll just deduct the postage from your account.

Simply Fill Out the Form Below to receive your free URBANITY Sell-By-Mail Kit

Once you receive your Kit...

Follow Your A-B-Cs

A. Age should be no more than 3 years

B. Brand matters: Check our favorite brands list included in the kit.

C. Condition should be clean, undamaged & unsoiled.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

1. Send more to earn more! Gather your goodies before the upcoming season. Out with the old and in with the new!

2. Drop your postage pre-paid package off at the post office. Once you're package is delivered to URBANITY you'll receive an email confirmation from FedEx.

3. Items we don't accept may be donated or returned to you for an $8 postage fee.

Baby, you & Me

Together, with our clients, URBANITY has recycled over 18,000 pounds of clothing since our start in 2008!